Why Yellow Pages are a Waste of Money

I recently read an article San Francisco Set to Ban the Distribution of Yellow Pages .  It is the first city in the US to consider banning the distribution to private residences unless they are requested.  And the question I ask is how long before this happens in the UK.

How many households in the UK would go to the yellow pages before looking online for a service these days? Most consumers will use search engines or ask a friend for a recommendation via social media.  With the drive to reduce our carbon footprint, it will not be too long before the UK follows suit.

The fact is, Social Media is transforming the way the world does business. In your town and your city, this week. Today. The implications are huge and the prizes are enormous for those businesses with the wisdom and foresight to get involved – properly – right now.

So how can you prepare

Start building your online presence if you have not already done so.  Keep in step with consumer behaviour and embrace social media as a way of communicating with your customers.  If this seems like a daunting task or you do not have the time consider getting the help of someone like myself to help you retain and build your customer base.

You can contact me Kirstie Birr to discuss how I can help and request my FREE REPORT – TEN REASONS WHY YOU NEED A SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER.


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