Social Media Lessons from the Master at Easter

Easter – yum ūüôā

We have tried with our children, to explain that Easter is more than chocolate day.

So for those interested in Social Media and how to be effective, who better to look to than the most influential person who has ever lived.

According to Wikipedia, As of the early 21st century, Christianity has around 2.2¬†billion adherents. It represents about a quarter to a third of the world’s population and is the¬†world’s largest religion. ¬†That’s some community following.

So – Why did people follow Jesus? Here are some of the things that stand out to me:

Jesus had a goal.  He came to seek and to save the lost.

He had a strategy.  He focussed on befriending, teaching and training 12 men. He then commissioned them to go out and make followers of all nations, one person helping another.

He taught people and his teachings were practical, sound and not always conventional.

He interacted and touched people lives. ¬† He did not need to touch the leper when he healed him, but he saw a need in this man’s life.

He listened to what people were saying and he confronted his critics.

He mixed with very different types of people. Matthew the tax collector was chosen to be one of his  followers, and he held a great banquet in his honour where Jesus was introduced to many other tax  collectors and sinners. The very people he came to meet.   I imagine this may have not been an entirely comfortable setting, but he was bold and crossed barriers.

I have read @Orchard_Holley’s blog recently entitled¬†Social Media for the CEO Event with Eve Mayer Orsburn¬†on how to be effective in Social Media and Jesus seems to tick all the boxes.

I think there is more to be gleaned than my superficial summary. Why not read a gospel.  Mark is the shortest.

Why did people follow Jesus? He was kind and generous, he had answers, he loved people He was genuinely interested in people. He was interested in them and gave time.

Jesus has many titles – Son of God, Teacher – I think Marketing Genius and Social Media Master should be added to those.


2 responses to “Social Media Lessons from the Master at Easter

  1. brilliant! I’m on wordpress too… very interesting …I shall use some of this advice…

    • Emma I looked at the work on your blog. You are brilliant! Get yourself out there girl on social media. Let me know if you need any other help. Please follow me on twitter for any other tips @kirstiebirr or on FB Kirstie Birr Social Media Management.

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